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RecylerView Advantages:

1.In a ListView, it was recommended to use the the viewHolder pattern but In Case RecyclerView, this is compulsory using the RecyclerView,ViewHolder class.

2. ListView, the only type of View available is the vertical ListView. There is no official way to even implement a horizontal ListView.

Now Using a RecyclerView :

(i) LinearLayoutManager- support both vertical and Horizontal lists.

(ii) StaggeredLayoutManager-support Pinterest like Staggered lists.

(iii) GridLayoutManager- Support display grids as gallery.

3. In LIstVIew ,programmatically decorating items like adding borders or dividers but in recyclerView, used RecyclerView.ItemDecorater class gives huge control to the developers.

4. the simple listview click interface for example-AdapterView.OnItemClickListener Interface. But the RecyclerView Gives Much More Power and control to its developer by RecyclerView.OnItemTouchListener .



1. More complex then ListVIew.

2. Take  a lot of time for beginner to understand.

3. You will need to spend lot of time and not an easy implementation comparison to     listView.